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Barkha Dutt: Family and Husbands

Barkha Dutt is the former Group Editor of NDTV. She is now associated with Harvest TV, a new media venture of Veecon Media. Kapil Sibal is the major stakeholder of Harvest TV. Needless to say, this new channel will try to counter Pro – BJP agenda of Republic TV.

Barkha has always been a controversial figure in the India media. Her biased journalism has been severely criticized. However, she is endowed with skill to make friends across all political parties. She has also been featured in the infamous Radia Tape controversy.

Family of Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt is the daughter of Mr. S. P Dutt and Prabha Dutt. Mr. Dutt was a senior official in Air India while Prabha Dutt was a well-known journalist. Prabha Dutt died at quite young age in 1984. At that time, she was working with The Hindustan Times. Before her death, Prabha had become the most famous female journalist of India. Her incisive reporting about various social issues was simply scintillating.

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Husband of Barkha Dutt

One thing that stretches imagination beyond any boundary is the fact that a journalist like Barkha Dutt is quite ‘personal’ when it comes to disclosing about her marital status. When her personal life was questioned in 2011 on Social Media, as her husband was linked to PDP, she vehemently opposed any move to intrude her privacy. That’s quite fine, if you think rationally. We can question her professional life, not her personal one. However, this is the same rule that she doesn't follow in her professional life. She has, on many occasions, questioned the personal lives of many BJP leaders.

Here is some information about the marital status of Barkha Dutt. I have no intention to malign her and all these information are collection from the Internet. I can't assure that these are correct. 

Barkha Dutt is married twice. And, co-incidentally, both of her husbands are Kashmiri Muslims. The name of her first husband was Mr. Mir. There is no information available in the public domain about the reason which compelled the couple to get separated. After divorcing Mir, Barkha Dutt married Haseeb Drabu. Mr. Drabu was the Finance Minister of Jammu and Kashmir in the PDP-BJP Government headed by Mufti Mohammed Saeed and later by Mehbooba Mufti. It is widely believed that Barkha Dutt was also involved behind the curtain in the discussion between the BJP and the PDP.

Dr. Haseeb Drabu is widely regarded as the best economist from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He was the Chairman of J and K Bank when Barkha proposed her. Both started to date, and later married. However, Dr. Haseeb Drabu was asked by the state government led by Omar Abdullah to resign after a report by IB which linked him directly to PDP and indirectly to anti-India secessionist organization Hurriyat Conference.

So, here we go. Barkha Dutt is married to a person who is linked to an anti-India organization. 

When this article which reveals about the other side of Barkha's life started to get lots of eyeballs, Barkha decided to tweet. Here is what she has tweeted on 4th June, 2014:

Here's more. For the record I am not married. But if I were, whether to a Hindu or Muslim should be irrelevant. Bigoted crap

Yes, Barkha it will be irrelevant. It is your personal life, and you are free to take whatever decisions you take. However, when the concerned person is allegedly linked with anti-Indian stuffs, you need to be questioned. Further, when you always go a step ahead to say anything and everything against Hinduism, your marriage becomes a question. 


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