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Navin Duggad Miracle Cancer Treatment, Chhindwara

Cancer is the deadliest disease which has killed innumerable innocents, and continues to kill with more intensity. Even a celebrity like Steve Jobs couldn't be saved from cancer. Many believe that MNCs companies are also responsible for this deadly disease. They just don’t want for an inexpensive treatment to come into the picture. For example, take the case of Novartis’ Gleevec. It has $2 billion per year business just in the USA.

Dr. Navin Duggad Cancer Treatment

If a person belonging to poor or middle class family is unfortunate enough to get Cancer, it becomes a herculean task for him to go ahead with the treatment. The conventional medicine offers Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. All of these three options come with astronomical cost. Further, if you want to see side effects of chemotherapy, just visit Tata Memorial Hospital (a cancer specialty hospital in Mumbai) ward. You will be shocked to see the pain patients are undergoing with. Is it logical to go ahead with so much pain when there is no cure? But, more importantly, can cancer be cured without using these painful and costly conventional treatments? The answer is YES. And, the answer may be Dr. Navin Duggad of Chhindwara.

Navin Duggad isn't a doctor (doesn't have any medical degree). He became a cancer doctor out of chance. When his mother, then aged 89 years, was diagnosed with cancer, he took him to a big hospital in Nagpur. Oncologist there had advised him to not go ahead with any treatment as his mother is already 89 years old. It was quite unlikely for her to keep up with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

Navin Duggad returned to Chhindwara with her mother. The entire family started to count days. They were expecting her to die within two months (as told by doctors at Nagpur). Meanwhile, Navin Duggad started to research about alternative treatment. His met many Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors, but none of them could give an assurance. The main reason was advanced stage of cancer, age and condition of the patient. Mr. Duggad didn’t lose hope. He started to read Charak Samhita, a medical book from ancient India. He also started to take look on reading about all ayurvedic medicines. After giving one month to read these books and documents, Mr. Duggad was enlightened. He went to forest near Chhindwara and got some herbs. Apart from that he got many ayurvedic medicines from local market. He prepared medicines and told family members that he is going to try it on mother for 15 days. There were few conditions for fast absorption of medicines and quick results. One of the conditions was to keep the patient in complete dark for continuous six days, apart from many other tough conditions. The family members were waiting for patient’s death and hence none of them objected.

Duggad started the treatment, and after 15 days her mother was much better. Her body started to get stronger. Her immunity started to increase. They took her to Nagpur and tests were done. Oncologists couldn't believe when they saw that the 89 year old lady is free of cancer. There was no trace of cancer. A local newspaper reported the story and entire Chhindwara started to discuss this miracle. Jain Community, Duggad family are jains, contacted Navin Duggad and asked him to help many more patients. They discussed many things and convinced him. During a family discussion, her mother told him to start treatment at the earliest, and do it without taking a single Rupee – free of cost.

Before that Navin Duggad was running a Jewelry shop in Chhindwara – Kamthe Jewells. He closed the shop and shifted all Jewelry to other shops – the family has two big Jewelry shops in Chhindwara. Navin Duggad started the consultation from the same Jewelry shop.

The inexpensive treatment coupled with many amazing results made him quite popular in MP and Maharashtra.

Consultation for New Patients

If you are a new patient, the doctor will see your reports and give medicine on Friday. For that, you are required to get the appointment on Wednesday. The clinic (or Jewelry shop, as the board of Kamthe Jewells is still there) opens at 11 AM, and runs till he sees all patients.

Please be there with all reports, recent CBC reports, one photograph of the patient. There is no need to be there with patient. However, the person who can discuss all problems should go there.


Important Information:

If you are a cancer patient, care giver or survivor, I recommend you to go through a book titled Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life. This book is available on Amazon India with free delivery and cash on delivery option. The cost is only Rs. 270. This book will help you to understand the importance of diet in fight against cancer. It will immensely help you to learn about everything you eat in tackling the monster disease. Click this link


Dr. Duggad’s Medicine

No one knows what is there in his medicine. He prepared medicine at his home. Even his staffs are unaware of the ingredients. He will give medicine for maximum five days. The patient needs to be in dark for 15 days – switching on light is allowed when necessary like giving medicine, feeding, using toilets. Patient is required to rest as much as possible for 15 days. Patient needs to drink only one liter of water – not one drop more or less. Apart from that, milk or anything prepared with milk like tea, paneer, cheese, sweets and curd, among others are not allowed for 15 days. Non vegetarian foods are strictly not allowed for this period. This main five days medicine can cure cancer completely. Needless to say, this is absolutely free.

Apart from that, Duggad also prescribes many ayurvedic medicines. These medicines can be bought from a nearby shop (costs around Rs. 1000). However, there is no compulsion to buy medicine from there. You can get it from your hometown. Just understand the way all medicines need to be taken from supporting staffs.

Does the Medicine Work?

Now coming to the vital question – does medicine work? YES. My personal experience says that it works. My uncle returned from TMH, Mumbai. We were waiting for his death, until someone advised us to go to Dr. Duggad. It took three months – three doses of five days medicines – for my uncle to completely free from cancer.
Dr. Duggad has treated more than 15,000 patients. And, not all of them are completely healed. Many couldn’t get even little amount of relief. The answer is not even with Navin Duggad. However, majority of his patients are either lived more without losing quality of life or get completely healed.

Contact Number of Dr. Navin Duggad


  1. Yes, I am completely agree with this blog. The treatment of Navin Bhai is a miracle to those who are fighting with this disease.
    Sanjay Sinha
    Noida, India

    1. What is your mobile no I want to tall to you

    2. What is your mobile no I want to tall to you

    3. I have a strong disagreement to his so called miracle treatment. May be there were few cases cured with his treatment but they might be either at very initial stage or might be the patients were of not very old age. My father had undergone through his treatment. Initially, we trusted him blindly as Dr. Navin Duggal said his cancer is cured and deposit will take some time. He had not allowed us to approach any body else also. My father was in deep pain and was getting worse and worse day by day. Finally, he passed away last month. Its the biggest loss for us and more than that a very bad feeling as we could not approach any other treatment. At least Mr. Duggal should have kept some base on which he was declaring my father's cancer was cured. I would recommend please don't trust him blindly.

    4. Hi, Rashmi here .....Completely agree with you the miracle were happen in early stage only. My father also went under his treatment but before the treatment complete he passed away. The treatment was of 15days but on 14th day he passed away.

    5. Sanjay I want Ur phn no plz as soon as possible give me

    6. Sanjay I want Ur phn no plz as soon as possible give me

    7. Sanjay pls reply with ur no need to talk about duggal

    8. Sanjay pls reply with ur no need to talk about duggal

    9. Pls send you mobile number . My husband a patient of lung fibrosis Need help

  2. any one Please Provide LandLine Telphone No.

  3. 9685076644, 9907320050, 07162242644, 07162245533...
    Mail ID:-

  4. send me authentic information about dr duggad that he is real or fake?
    please guide me..because my mother is suffering by cancer...
    please help me
    hemendra 9415018315

    1. He is fake..I had gone there and he is big fruad..but if u have tried all option then what's can we do..go him only u have no option..

  5. plz yr koi btao realy me kya without opration cancer ka ilaj possible h plz btao meri mummy ko cancer ho gya h me poor family se hu plz mujhe koi achcha sa hospital suggest kare plz me apni mummy ko khona nhi chahta plz mera no 7440513068 h ap whatsapp b kar sakte ho

    1. Hi..I have gone there last year..I was cancer patient ..I tried his jaldi buti for 10 days but nothing was happening and pain was getting increase day by wife was very suffered because whole day need to oroeare his medicine. Then went to tata hospital and surgery done..I met 4/5 patient and they all died..they did not get any relief..go to him if u have no choice mean in last stage

  6. I agree, because as soon as your cancer come to an advance stage there is a life expectancy of 6 months plus bonus, there is a dead end. If anyone riches to him in the last month or in life less than 14 day as in above reply his miracle won't work, we should give him more than 2 months so that his medicines would work.
    I visited his center today and talk to many patients from various states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar and UP, I asked them how they come to know about Navinji, they told me that their neighbours or relative were cured from his medicines.
    I checked the background of Navinji, he is jewellery shop owner at Chhindwara and owner of at least 200 Crore property. He is doing this only for social cause and won't charge a penny for his medicines or OPD.
    His concept to keep patient in darkness is also impressed me as there is many old books of Ayurveda suggest this type of treatment.
    My wife is only 36 and suffering from cancer and got medicines from him, going to follow his protocol from tomorrow with hope and trust.

    1. Pls don't follow him..personal exp..u will loss..visit as soon as best oncologist..he is fake

    2. Someone told above that we should try 2 month for his medicine..his medicine will work in 2 month...guys..we will give 1 year to him not just 2 month..but if u will get 5% or 10% relief in 10/15 days then..and if u did not get 1% relief in 10% then no need to cancer is deadly spread very 2 month 1st stage cancer turned into 4th stage...very fast not cold..fever.TB or any other type if is CANCER.boss.if u mised then all goes wring...

  7. He is a big fraud.. Someone above told his money abt 200cr..guy..if u will make the money if 1 lakh perday on the name of fake cancer drug and will give all ayurvedic jaldi bolti..which cost just 200₹ and he will give 3000₹.then why would he do any other businesses.. He says he jewelry shop..he can not earn in jewelry as he earn in fake cancer drug..I went him last year 13nov 2015..he is very clever and big fraud.. He manage the day very cleverly.. He see the new patient in a fix day and see followup case on another if u would like to know that does his so-called miracle drug work or not then nobody will be able to exactly as they are new..and one more thing and he manage the fraud..that if you would take his medicine then there will be a lot more pain and this is good sign..and you will feel another bad you would be unable to judge whether his medicine will work or all need to know that if cancer spread and damage the cell then there will be lot more pain and you will sure that good sign..I personally went him to my cancer..10 days use his so called drug..whatever he give u can purchase any near Ayurveda shop..he gives all Ayurveda jaldi buti in the name of cancer..there are 50types of jaldi seems like all shop u purchased.. (Usko khud nahi malum konsi dawa kaam karega)...I know personally 7 patient who died from his medicines.. There was a boy ..who's canvr was 1st stage and my cancer was 4th stage..I feel he is fraud after met him..I give up his medicine in days and got operation in tata hospital and still iam alive..and the guy who continued his medicine 3 moth and then he had to rush in near private hospital and Dr says its too late ..cancer has spread.. Whole day he cries with pain and they says Dr duggad said pain means good sighn...ohh god..he more lady come to me in my home. She has cancer in tongue and tata Dr said that operation is good cancer is 1 cm in area..and just 2cn will be removed and nothing will be happen in eating speakjn and looks but she refuses and this bustard and took 3 moth now cancer has spread all I've tongue and Dr said whole tinge will be removed..their 3 more case which I can state hear but time is not permitted.. If any one want me chat mail..

    One more thing..Dr navin duggad brother lives just a side if his clinic..u can meet him..he warn people tnot to take His medicine as he has seen so many death because of duggad..

    But cancer is deadly deseas ..people go to him for hope.. Navind duggad open a Ayurveda shop in front if his office..and u will have to purchase from there.,

    Don't go please

  8. He is not a Dr..he is fraud. He doesn't know English..he is just 10th std pass or fail I dont know..guys the person who is not able to check the simple blood report how he can cure a biggest desease like cancer...when u will have cancer there 10 type of test..CT Scan..Pet scan...X-ray..ECG..Biopsy..complete blood test..then how can he judge cancer in just simple blood report??because he can not understand all these test report which is medicale word..he just learned some blood report..because any one can tell the blood report.because in blood report there is 3 column..
    1 - test
    2- report count
    3- average howmuch should be

    So any one can check blood repair
    He basturd look bllod report..

    I tell u a joke..

    I had left toncil cancer..when I visited him..there is lady assistant 20/23 year old leady..or girl..she asked me about my deseas ..I said left toncil cancer..she said its not toncil cancer "" isko gaal ka cancer kahte gain" I said no mam ist toncil cancer and tata hospital mumbai has mention its toncil god..again she said.."isko gaal ka cancer kahte hain..aap nahi jante ho...

    My god..the bladdy navin duggad..he has a paan in his mouth whole day..and a big choti and big hair. He just playing with human life..

    Please don't go him..visit good oncologist..and if allopathy raise their hand and not option left then go to Kolkata Dr prathamesh banejee..

  9. Guys one more death happened from this bladdy fraud..35 year old guy from Bhiwandi died..he took his medicine 4 month.

  10. If anyone want to talk to me WhatsApp me 9323345670


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