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Salary of Mukhiya in Bihar

If you are from Bihar, you must have seen Mukhiyas flaunting their SUVs. You must have also observed the lifestyle of a Mukhiya. Majority of them spend quite a huge sum of money in the election. I also have two distant relatives who are Mukhiyas. It is not only a status symbol for them, but they are also enjoying lavish lifestyle just because of being an elected representative of a gram panchayat.

I was wondering about this fact. I am aware of the salary structure of MLAs and MPs. But, what about Mukhia! What is their monthly take home salary? Does salary justify their lavish lifestyle?

A mukhiya in Bihar gets Rs. 2500 per month. Yes, this is the salary of Mukhiya in Bihar.

Only Rs. 2500 per month!

It is quite obvious that the salary is so meagre that even an honest person becoming Mukhia will have to become corrupt just to run his kitchen.

However, after the constitutional validity of gram panchayat (73rd and 74th Amendments, 1992), they are given too many responsibilities. Many of the schemes of the Central Government are supposed to be fulfilled by none other than Mukhia. For example, take the case of MNAREGA. Further, the primary schools falling in the Gram Panchayat are to an extent superintended by him.

And, needless to say, they are making money through these schemes. Crores of Rupees of public are being pocketed through these Mukhias. We are concerned about political corruption. We are agitated about politician being so corrupt, but we forget to see the genesis of all of these corruption.

Similarly, the government should consider raising the salary of Mukhia. If you are supposed to run a gram panchayat with a salary of just Rs. 3000, you are not going to remain honest.


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