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Arundhati Roy: Husbands, Profile and Family

Arundhati Roy is a living paradox. It is her habit to see cloud in every silver lining. She lives in a palatial bungalow, but talks about poor. When on tour, she always prefers to stay in five star hotels, but keep on talking about homeless people on Indian cities roads. Her bungalow was found to be illegal by an Indian court because it had encroached forest land, but Arundhati Roy always touch the issues of forest people and how their forest rights are being encroached by the Indian state.

She is enjoying lavish lifestyle, but loves to talk about poor.

Arundhati Roy writes/types on Windows laptop using MS Word Software, but criticizes corporations like Microsoft. She uses iPhone, but considers Apply Inc. as a sin.

That is Arundhati Roy for you. That is the famous human rights activist for you. That is a famous Indian for you who thinks that India should let go Kashmir.

Profile of Arundhati Roy

The full name of your famous activist Arundhati Roy is Suzanna Arundhati Roy.  She was born on 24th November, 1959. She is better known for her novel The God of Small Things in the literary circle, for which she had won the Man Booker Prize.

Arundhati Roy was born in Assam to a Bengali Hindu father and Keralite Christian mother. Her parents divorced when she was 2 years old. Her mother took her and left Assam. She stayed in Tamilnadu and Kerala. When she was 16 years old, she took admission in Delhi School of Architecture, New Delhi. Since then, there isn’t any looking back.

Husbands of Arundhati Roy

When Arundhati was at Delhi School of Architecture, she was dreaming of becoming world famous architecture. She was quite passionate about this area and came into contact with Gerard Da Cunha, a senior to her from this institute. They started to date and got married in 1977. However, this marriage couldn’t last that long. Gerard got frustrated with some idiotic behavior of Arundhati Roy and decided to divorce her. She instantly accepted the proposal and the couple got apart in 1981.

Arundhati Roy started to work in the field of Architecture. She came in contact with Pradip Krishnan, who was also in Delhi. Pradip asked him to do a small role in his next film. She accepted the offer. Later, they started to see each other. Pradip proposed Arundhati for marriage and she accepted this offer.

Arundhati is the wife of Pradip Krishnan. However, both of them rarely see each other.
There is no information in the public domain about children of Arundhati Roy. One thing is certain that she had given motherly love to two daughters of Pradip 

Karishnan’s first marriage. But, whether she has given birth to any child or not is not known.


  1. Wow. That was a horrible little piece of junk. Now off to bhakt heaven you go.

  2. If you are going to have a bout of verbal diarrhoea about a Booker Prize-Winning Novelist you should come prepared with the ass wipes of 'good grammar'. Terrible language, terrible grammar, poorly researched article. I believe everyone has the right to criticise but if you are going to write an article about a celerated author make sure that your article is worthy of being somewhere other than a garbage bin.

  3. Sick mentally deranged cunt

  4. Arundhati Roy's mother was a Keralite Christian . Her name was Mary.
    She worked in Metal Box in Kolkata as a secretary and met Mr. Roy, a Bengali Hindu who was also worked there.
    They got married and Arundhati was born to them.
    Mr. Roy's elder brother, Mr. P .L Roy, is the father of Prannoy Roy, owner of NDTV.
    P L Roy too married an Irish Christian lady & converted to Christianity. That's how Suzzanna Arundhati Roy and Prannoy James Roy are born Christians & are first cousins.
    It is really interesting to note how both Prannoy (James) Roy and Arundhati(Suzzanna) Roy have kept their middle names hidden from public and work on a anti Hindu propaganda & agenda together with a zeal under their alias Hindu names to deceive the public. Pl share it since very few people are aware of this fact.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thank you 'unknown' for this piece of information. I'll certainly share it. Why are you keeping your name a secret ?

  7. Goodness me! How depressing to read such a bitter piece. One can't help but suspect envy is the cause because Ms Roy's prose is utterly delightful and yours, dear writer, is not.


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