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Mehbooba Mufti: Profile, Husband and Family

Mehbooba Mufti Saeed is one of the most prolific and talented woman politicians of India. She is currently the President of ruling J n K Peoples’ Democratic Party. After the unfortunate death of Mufti Mohammed Saeed,  She became Chief Minister in alliance with the BJP. The shocking alliance remained in force for way longer than what was expected. It broke only one year before 2019 Lok Sabha Election. Mehbooba Mufti will soon become the former CM. It is very unlikely that she will make alliance with Omar Abdullah.

Profile of Mehbooba Mufti Saeed

Mehbooba was born on 22nd May, 1959 in Anantnag. She belonged to a rich Kashmiri Saeed family. She was always a very intelligent girl. She was the topper of her school and later got Law Degree from the University of Kashmir. Her father was a prominent leader of Congress and Mehbooba had little to do with politics.

The name of Mehbooba became famous during the infamous kidnapping of her younger sister Rubiya Saeed. At that time, Mufti Saeed was the Junior Home Minister to the Government of India led by V P Singh. After hectic drama, five hard core  terrorists were released in exchange of Rubiya. Mehbooba became quite famous at that time because she was giving lots of interviews to various media personalities. 

Mufti with Rubia and Mehbooba when she was released by JKLF terrorists

However, she remained aloof to politics even then.

It was only in 1996 that Mehbooba became proactively involved in the politics. Her father had again joined Congress and she was given a ticket to fight Assembly election from Bijbehara. She won comfortably. Three years later, Mufti Mohammed Saeed again quit Congress and this time he went to the extent of forming his own party – PDP. Mehbooba was made the Vice President of the party and since then there is no looking back for her as far as politics is concerned. She is a major obstacle to Omar Abdullah in the state politics.

Family of Mehbooba Mufti Saeed

The world is aware of Mehbooba Mufti sister Rubia Saeed because of that infamous kidnapping. She has another sister, who is not so famous. Her name is Mehmooda. Apart from them, she is a brother named Mufti Tasaduq. He is completely not interest in politics. Currently Tasaduq is working as Cinematographer in the Bollywood and Hollywood. Tasaduq’s work was quite appreciated in Vishal Bhardwaj film Onkara and Kaminey.

The mother of Mehbooba Mufti is Gulshan Ara. In fact, along with Mehbooba, Gulshan had also fought the 1996 election. However, Gulshan had lost that election.

Husband of Mehbooba Mufti

It is quite disheartening to learn that Mehbooba Mufti doesn’t enjoy a successful personal life. In fact, she is a divorcee. She has two daughters named – Iitija and Irtiqa. The elder daughter works in London at the Indian High Commission while the younger daughter is involved in the film industry like her uncle.

Her husband's name is Jave Iqbal. He is the cousin of Late Mufti Mohammed Saeed. In fact, it was Mufti Mohammed Saheb who had persuaded Mehbooba to get married with his cousin - Mehbooba's uncle. The marriage couldn't go long and because of some internal issues, Mehbooba and Javed divorced. Currently, Javed is fierce rival of Mufti family. In fact, he doesn't want to see his two daughters. He had joined Abdullah's National Conference and unsuccessfully fought election in 2008.


  1. Why the issue of being a divorcee unfortunate for a woman and has no issues for a man? Although Mufti Mehbooba divorced her husband she successfully raised her daughters. We all should be proud of her. No man can raise children single-handedly. Hats off lady. All the best in life. U inspire me that I can endure this phase as well in my life.

    1. True. You know what, intelligent women are mostly single or marry lately because they rather accept being single than to be with a wrong guy. I am not saying that, it's a psychological fact.

    2. Men can raise children just as good as women. But since men can't get custody then they can't raise children, nice logic. If he doesn't want to see his children then maybe they are not his, who knows.

    3. @Prinyanka Mahajan : are you saying all the women who marry early are stupid?

      btw that's not a psychological fact. Do you even know what psychology is?

  2. She did an extra ordinary job by raising her daughters being a single parent. It is very unfortunate that her husband does not want to see his daughters even. Anyway, it is my personal view. In our society, a divorcee is not given due respect (which is unfortunate), but hats off to her. As a politician (Mehbooba Mufti), I may not agree with her. Still, she knows her job very well.

  3. yes it is no doubt . but we should see she is not alone there are so many womens in india where there husbands are drunkard and gamblers. but nobody praise them

  4. I feel pity fir her husband as he cud not mk it with a inteligent and strong lady.may be he was nt lucky enough to have her as his wife forever

  5. Once known as the Legend is now zero. Her u turn from the agenda of alliance is total failure. Her reign saw bloodbath in the roads of Kashmir. Militancy reached its peak, hundreds of civilians lost their lives.


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