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Poornima Mishra, TV9: Profile, Husband and Boyfriend

Poornima Mishra is an Indian journalist currently working with TV9 Bharatvarsha. She is articulate and can challenge any guests with probing questions on any sort of debates. You will hardly find a news anchor who is comfortable in almost all areas. 

Poornima has worked with many news channels, including Zee News and India NEWS. Her association with Zee News was spectacular helping her to be counted as one of the top and most popular Hindi TV News journalists of India.

Poornima Mishra, Zee News

Profile of Poornima Mishra

Poornima was born and brought up in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. She was quite studious during her school days. Needless to say, because of her stunning beauty and amazing physical features, she was popular among guys. In her school, teachers still remind her as the best example of ‘beauty with brain’.

After completing her schooling, she went to Punjab and took admission in I K Gujaral Punjab University. She completed her engineering in 2008 and came to New Delhi to work. However, she had always a desire to become a news anchor. She was silently preparing for the same. One day, in 2010, she heard about Star India News Anchor Hunt – a reality show. She participated in the show and attracted attention of the people.
Poornima Mishra, Zee News Anchor

Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the third round. However, the media world had already noticed her. I should mention here that the winner of that show Ms. Meenakshi Kandwal is currently a News Anchor of Aaj Tak.

She was offered a job as a news anchor with Khabar India, a little known News Channel. She accepted the offer and started to work. Two years later, she got an opportunity and was interviewed by Rohit Sardana of Zee News. Sardana was impressed with her acumen and ability to handle stress. He gave the green signal and since then a maverick media personality was born.

Husband and Boyfriend of Poornima Mishra

There is no information in the public domain about the relationship status of Poornima Mishra. If any of the reader is aware of her status, please leave a comment. 


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