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Kanhaiya Kumar Singh: Profile, Girlfriend and Family

Kanhaiya Kumar Singh is one of the most talked about student's leaders of India. He has the guts and prowess to take on mighty BJP at this young age. Unfortunately, the ideological tilt has also made him become a criminal as he allowed anti India sloganeering in JNU campus while being the President of JNUSU. The case is still being followed by the Delhi Police.

Upper Caste Hindus of Bihar and UP needs to think about this fact. They never leave a chance of making mockery of Muslims. And, here one of their own men is supposed to be involved in anti-national activities. Kanhaiya has also brought the shame to the entire Bhumihar community of Bihar. There is no harm in following any political party whether it is from Left, Right or Center. But, being involved in anti-national activities is something different.

Bhumihar caste is pondering about him. That may also lead to giving shock to CPI in 2019 Lok Sabha election. Kanhaiya is all set to fight the election from Begusarai LS constituency. However, it will be a miracle if he wins even with the support of Mahagathbandhan.

Kanhaiya Kumar, JNU

Profile of Kanhaiya Kumar Singh

Kanhaiya is from Begusarai. In fact, he belongs to Bihat village of Begusarai. You will be surprised to know that this Bhumihar dominated village is the biggest village of India. This village is proud of giving innumerable IAS and IPS officers. Bihat is also known for providing top communist leaders. This upper caste Bhumihar village was once known for the epicenter of Communist movement in Bihar. However, in the last election, almost all villagers had supporter either BJP or Congress candidate, not a communist one. 

Father of Kanhaiya Singh, Mr. Jaishankar Singh, is also a Communist followers like lots of Bhumihar farmers of the village. Unfortunately he got paralysis attack two years back and since then is bed ridden. Kanhaiya's mother is working as an Anganwadi worker. 

So, Kanhaiya's father is a paralyzed and his mother is working as an Anganwadi worker. But, please don't think him to be a poor. He has more than 10 bighas of lands in Bihat. Apart from that, he is having palatial homes in Patna and Bihat. He is a 'Crorepati', like majority of Left leaders of India. 

Irrespective of the ideology, Kanhaiya's father is feeling cheated by what Kanhaiya has done. He is not talking with anyone and just asking Prince Singh, younger brother Kanhaiya who is also studying at the JNU, to come back to Bihat once Kanhaiya gets bail. He never thought that his son will not only bring shame to Bihat, but also to the entire Bhumihar community. Kanhaiya has already got 'interim bail' and the judge has clearly stated that she wanted him to become a part of mainstream. The judgment always says that he should not be involved in any anti-national activities and should ensure - as the President of JNUSU - that no such activities take place in the campus.

Kanhaiya Singh did everything to organize a so called cultural event in the JNU where his friends, like Umer Khalid, openly made slogans against India, like:

Bharat ki Barbadi tak Jung Jaari Rahegi

How shameless he can be! This is not dissent. Constructive criticism makes a democracy strong.....but, this type of sloganeering and rabble rousing speeches can only divide the country. 

There is no denying that Kanhaiya knew everything about these events. The next day when it became clear that there may be some action, he again organize an event and gave a speech showing how much he love India. That was a masterstroke from Kanhaiya. Majority of media, who were known for being anti-Modi, have done the biggest damage. They should have thought that this episode has nothing to do with Modi. It is about India. You might have seen many media houses criticizing Arnab Goswami of Times Now who had taken a firm stand for India. Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep openly criticized Arnab. Is that the freedom of speech these journalists want? These morons can't even accept a dissenting voice from a journalist and they are talking about freedom of speech. The subsequent survey of BARC has also shown the sentiment of the people - Times Now getting 82 % viewership while Headlines Today and NDTV 24 X 7 getting 4 % and 3 % respectively. That is the difference. And, this is a very simple data to know the sentiment of true Indians.

It is high time government of India ensure that the temple, or mosque or church of education – Schools, colleges and universities campuses – remained free from politics. These places should and must be used only for the purpose of imparting education.
Isn’t it time to discontinue all university election? The government should find a way to make a channel where the grievances of students can be handled impartially.

But, what this government can do? If they take any steps, they will be severely criticized by the Indian media. For example, the JNU administration has punished all these so called students. And, people have started to raise fingers. When it comes to students, these media personalities call for autonomy. And, when it comes to punishing for disciplinary action, these media personalities call it high handedness. Majority of Indian says - God, save India!

Girlfriend of Kanhaiya Kumar Singh

Kanhaiya is from AISF - the student wing of CPI. This Left Wing organization doesn’t believe in making commitment to any girl. While studying at the College of Commerce in Patna, he is said to have one girlfriend. However, now he is single and not looking for any committed relationship.

Case of Doctored Video

There are lots of news in the media about how videos of the incident was doctored to show Kanhaiya and his friends indulging in seditious activities. In fact, this is true. Lots of videos being shared on the Social Media were edited. In fact, some news channels made the mistake of showing these doctored videos. 

Delhi Police has given the status report to the Delhi High Court where it has also given video proof. Police has clearly said that the videos submitted to the Court is unedited and NOT those videos which are being shown on the news and social media. Delhi Police is also ready for forensic tests of videos.  Here is a relevant page of the scanned copy of the status report:

However, there is no denying that videos being shared over social media - only original videos - don't have any footage where Kanhaiya is seen making anti-India slogans. However, it should also not be forgotten that after coming out of Jail, he said that naxalites killed by security forces should also be called martyred.... just like security forces. Anyone, supporting Kanhaiya should always think about CRPFs killed by naxalites. Did you forget ruthless killing of 76 CRPFs after which there were all out celebration in the JNU?

Kanhaiya Kumar and Dignity for Women

Kanhaiya is new found love for all Modi haters of India. They are expecting him to do what Hardik Patel, a 22 year old guy now in Jail, couldn't do. They are also vowing for the honesty of Kanhaiya - remember Barkha Dutt's speech at Telegraph Conference. They say that he keeps women in high regard and respects the rights of women. However, they should have looked at an old case, where Kanhaiya while smoking marijuana was urinating on the road just in front of a female ex-JNU student. That was 2015, and hopefully no one will blame the Government for the punishment he had received. Following image is the announcement of the punishment against Kanhaiay by relevant JNU authority. And, hey! you can cross check it, this is not forged document.

You can hate Modi... that is your right and is very good for a vibrant democracy. But, please don't degrade security forces. They also have families and little children.

In the end, here is a video where Kanhaiya giving a speech on the eve of Women’s Day says that Indian Army rapes women in Kashmir. For his supporter, you should see the video which is not doctored or edited…

Kanhaiya Kumar and Cheap Publicity Stunt

Kanhaiya has learnt the basic of contemporary politics in India. It is about getting press coverage at any cost. It is about playing victim cards at any cost, like Arvind Kejriwal. The recent news of him being assaulted on airline is just an example.

Kanhaiya, who is continuously being told as coming from a family earning just Rs. 3,000 per month, was traveling on Jet Airlines. A TCS engineer named Manas Deka had adjacent window seat. Manas came a little bit late and was going to the window seat when he bumped on Kanhaiya. He said sorry and took his seat. Few minutes later, he said that Kanhaiya didn't do good by abusing the Indian Army. That was enough for Kanhaiaya to lose his temper. They started to fight - verbally. Nine more members of AISF were on the same plane who came forward and started to fight with poor Assamese guy Manas Deka. Cabin Crew decided to took action and ordered all of them to deboard.  Kanhaiya tweeted that a man tried to kill him. Can you imagine this? A TCS engineer was trying to kill Kanhaiya inside the flight. And, if he really tried to kill him then Kanhaiya should file an attempt to murder case against Manas.

Notice, iPhone mark below this tweet. I had said earlier following inputs from my JNU friends that Kanhaiya only wears branded jeans and t-shirts, particularly of premier Tommy Hilfiger. His choice of shoes is Puma. He keeps Apple iPhone 6S. He has lakhs of rupees in his HDFC account. And, he is being termed as a person coming from a very poor family. Given a chance he will say - Down with imperialism! He will give lecture about the ill effect of MNCs like Apple. But, silently uses them. He is a plain hypocrite. No one is complaining that why Kanhaiya should not travel by plane or keep iPhone 6S. But, the issue here is different. At least, AAP, Congress and Communist leaders should stop calling him poor. That's the point!

After this event, now Kanhaiya has started to travel by business class. See the following report.

The Hypocrite

It is a well-known fact that former JNUSU President Mr. Chandrashekhar was brutally killed by allegedly none other than Mr. Shahabuddin. Kanhaiya and his fraternity were always demanding justice for Chandrashekhar. Apart from calling for proverbial 'Aazadi', they were calling for the end of killing of leaders struggling on the behalf of poor and down trodden. Their obvious indication is about Shahabuddin, his mentor Mr. Laloo Prasad and others. 

But, see what this idiot is doing. 

He went to Lalu Prasad Yadav and took lessons. As per Lalu, he taught Kanhaiaya how he should fight out the ‘communalist and fascist forces’. He also touched the feet of Lalu. There may not be anything wrong in all these gestures of political naivety, but these morons should also not forget that Lalu was the mentor of Shahabuddin and tried his best to absolve him from the charges of murdering Chandrashekhar.


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