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Ahmed Patel: Profile, Family, Son, Daughter and Net Asset

Ahmed Patel is one of the most powerful politicians of Congress. He is the longtime political secretary of Sonia Gandhi, being her eyes and ears since 2001. He is considered as the real decision making of the Congress High Command, who by remaining away from media decides everything in the name of Sonia Gandhi. He was also believed to be the man who fabricated the malicious campaign of ‘Hindutva Terror’ by ignoring direct link of Pakistan in Samjhauta Express. That scandalous campaign, fortunately, backfired and was the main reason behind the virtual elimination of Congress from many states and shrinking to the lowest level in the Lok Sabha (the Lower House).

Ahmed Patel is the most hated figure among BJP and RSS leaders. They don’t abhor Sonia and Rahul as much as Ahmed.

Bio and Wiki of Ahmed Patel

Ahmed Patel was born on 21st August, 1949 in Piraman village of Bharuch, Gujrat. His parents – Mohammed Ishakji Patel and Hawaben Mohammed were of lower middle class humble Muslim family. He was a brilliant student since school days and usually took keen interest in the debate on political affairs. He joined Youth Congress while doing graduation from South Gujarat University. Ever since entering politics, he started to turn introvert. He remained media shy since then and rarely interacts with leaders of different parties. However, big Congress leaders recognized his abilities as being a master when it comes to making political strategy. He first won Lok Sabha election in 1977. This victory at the young age of 28 years made him a hero because of the then prevailing political circumstances. He won despite Morarji Desai wave in Gujarat and when people were teaching Congress a lesson throughout India. He remained a Lok Sabha member till 1989 till he lost the election. In 1993, he again represented Gujarat in the Parliament by becoming a Rajya Sabha member which he is representing till now – consecutive four times.

It is interesting to note that Ahmed Patel is only the second Muslim leader from Gujarat to win Lok Sabha election after Ehsan Jafri. Unfortunately, Ehsan Jafri a bright and widely loved politician was ruthlessly killed by violent Hindutva mob in 2002 Gujarat riots.

Ahmed Patel never became a minister. He had open offer to get a cabinet berth in the Government headed by Manmohan Singh, but he decided to not do so. He wanted to remain free to solve any problem that may happen among various UPA parties. And, he did that in a credible manner.

Family of Ahmed Patel

Ahmed Patel married Memoona Ahmed in 1976. The marriage happened during the emergency. Just one year later, Ahmed had become an MP. Ahmed Patel has a son and a daughter. His son – Mr. Faisal Patel – is a highly educated young man. He is showing interest in the politics and even addressed some rallies. It is possible that he will be fielded by Congress in the upcoming 2017Assembly Election.

Faisal Patel got married to the second cousin of Omar Abdullah Ms. Zainab Nedou. However, it was unfortunate and tragic to note that Zainab died in 2016 due to Neurological and cardio problem. Faisal is left with one cute daughter named Esra.
Ahmed Patel daughter Ms. Mumtaz Patel is married to Irfan Siddiqui. The couple has two daughters – Miriam and Zayna.

Ahmed Patel and 2017 Rajya Sabha Election

Ahmed Patel has filed his nomination for consecutive 5th term in the Rajya Sabha. Congress needs 45 MLAs for him to win and they have 56. The win looked easy until Amit Shah mastered a sort of coupe. A powerful Congress MLA resigned and he was given RS ticket. Three other MLAs follow suit. When it looked that BJP is going to break away 12 MLAs to ensure Ahmed Patel defeat, Congress hurriedly sent remaining MLAs to Bengaluru. It will be interesting to see whether Ahmed Patel will be able to win back the trust of required number of Congress MLAs or not. A defeat of Ahmed Patel will be a personal defeat for Sonia Gandhi and virtual death of Congress in Gujarat.


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