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Vijay Kumar Sinha, BJP: Profile, Family and Business

Vijay Kumar Sinha is a minister in the Bihar Government led by Nitish Kumar. He has been inducted in the state ministry for the first time after Nitish Kumar allied again with the BJP ditching Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress. He represents Lakhisarai in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha since 2010.

Vijay Kumar Sinha is considered a charismatic leader who despite being a successful businessman has turned into a down to earth politician. He understands the pulse of his constituency and has remained an accessible MLA for people of Lakhisarai. That is why it has become difficult for even Grand Alliance (Mahagathbandhan) to beat him in 2015 Assembly Election.

Profile of Vijay Kumar Sinha

Vijay Kumar Sinha was born and brought up in Vadpur village of Lakhisarai district in a lower middle class family. The financial condition of his family was in dismal condition when he was growing up. The family was living on the farm output of small farmlands. His father Late Sharda Raman Singh was a hard working farmer, but was unable to withstand the inflationary pressure when it comes to meeting the educational needs of his children.

At that time, Prashant Kumar, the elder brother of Vijay Sinha, came forward. He discontinued study and started his own business. He started by selling small items at Barh Railway Station. Prasant worked very hard to ensure education to his three young brothers. Over time, he opened a medical shop in Barh. Few years later, there were three medical shops in Barh. The financial condition of the family started to get better and Vijay along with Shailendra were able to get good education. Prashant didn’t stop there. He took C & F of some pharmaceutical companies and also opened a whole sell medical shop in Govind Mitra Road, Patna (Baidyanath Pharma). When his brothers started to show interest in business, he opened more shops and ask them to run it. Vijay Sinha was running Shiva Enterprises, a reputed medical store of Patna.

The deep understanding of medical business among all brothers compelled them to do MORE. They started their own pharmaceutical company and very soon the family becomes one of the richest in Lakhisarai. It was the sheer hard work of Prashant Kumar which made the family what they are.

It is also believed that the family has some business relationship with Sushil Modi in its pharmaceutical company. Naturally, Vijay Sinha is quite close to Sushil Modi and it was this relationship which helped him to get a berth in Nitish Kumar cabinet.

Wife of Vijay Sinha

Vijay Sinha is married and living with his wife and children in Kadamkuan area of Patna. The name of his wife is not known on the public forum.

Caste of Vijay Kumar Sinha

Vijay Kr. Sinha belongs to Bhumihar caste, the upper caste of Bihar. This caste has quite a high representation in Lakhisarai district. However, Vijay Sinha is also popular among other castes, including Yadavs of area.


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