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Ayesha Ahad: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Daughter and Age

Pakistan is going through a tough and testing times when it comes to challenging the inherent patriarchy. Ayesha Gulalai case where she has made serious allegations of sexual harassment is being discussed widely. At this charged climate, another Ayesha came forward to reiterate and remind Pakistanis about her ordeal. The allegations of Ayesha is not new – in fact, it is seven years old. However, in the current circumstances when PML – N and PTI volunteers are fighting over the social media and on the road (in a peaceful manner), her press conference gets wide coverage.

Ayesha Gulalai being an MPA has, in fact, challenged the Parliament to take action against another MPA. That case will be a test of the Parliament. While Ayesha Ahad case is and will continue to challenge women’s rights activists of Pakistan.

Profile of Ayesha Ahad

Ayesha Ahad belongs to a very influential and rich family. But, the influence of Ahad family certainly pales before the aura of Sharif family.
Ayesha is the daughter of Ahad Malik, a well – known figure of Pakistan. Ahad is versatile. He is a successful businessman and a film producer with an eye to recognize fresh talents and had been a very good MPA (from PML – N).

The relationship between Ahad and Sharif family nosedived when the Government issued order that the under construction AHAD Tower is illegal. Mr. Ahad Malik had invested huge amount of money for this tower. During this rough patch, the news came forward that Ayesha was married to Hamza Shahbaz, the son of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif who will become the next PM. Further, Ayesha alleged that Hamza is not ready to live with her post marriage.

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This was quite a shocking incident when Sharif family was attacked directly in a ‘different way’. Unfortunately, the Pakistani media decided to not give importance to this news.

Ayesha is fighting for justice since 2011. That is why I said that it will be a test for the Women’s rights activists of Pakistan.

It isn’t going to be a small measure.

Ayesha Ahad also has a daughter. She says that the father of her daughter is none other than Hamza Shahbaz. If this is the case, then it should be easy for authorities to establish the truth. A simple DNA test can confirm the veracity of this claim.

In any case, if Hamza is seeing a political future for him, he must come out and let the world know his side of the story. Sharif family can’t remain silent on this long standing case.

The exact age of Ayesha is not known publicly.

Ayesha and the Art of Politics

In these two interesting, but very pathetic cases, we are also seeing the wrong side of politics. Both of these women are allowing themselves to be used for political gains by two prominent parties. There is no denying that Ayesha Ahad press conference was timed to kill the news of Ayesha Gulalai by PTI. At that same time, Ayesha Gulalai allegations seem to be not that serious, and definitely without any proof. 

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