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Maria Toorpakai Wazir: Profile, Boyfriend, Age, Family and Sister

Maria Toorpakai Wazir is one of the most respected Squash players in the history of Pakistan. She has fought all odds to reach this level. She is from one of the most terrorism affected areas of Pakistan where a girl is not allowed to even study, leave alone going out for sports. Stuffs have definitely changed in recent times and more and more girls are following the footprints of brave girls like Malala and Maria.

Wiki and Bio of Maria Toorpakai

Maria was born and brought up in South Waziristan – FATA. Her date of birth is 22nd November, 1990. At this juncture, her age is 27 years.

Maria was lucky to have highly educated parents – both of them are working as government teacher. Her father – Mr. Shamsul Qayyum Wazir – is a person with modern outlook. He is widely regarded as the lone warrior in the Waziristan who fought for the cause of women’s emancipation and empowerment. He is a great supporter of modern education for women. He, in fact, helped his wife to learn English and read western literature. It was quite natural for him to ensure best possible upbringing to his two daughters – Ayesha and Maria. Both of his daughters have made Pakistan proud in their chosen field.

Maria started to show keen interest in sports from the age of 4 years. It was not possible for her to get out of home as that was not possible. Her father thought a way out. He started to groom Maria like a boy and had used a pseudo name Genghis Khan for her. He took Maria to Peshawar where she started to practice weightlifting as a boy. At the age of 12, she became the local champion – in the name of a boy Genghis Khan. At this time also, Maria got attracted towards Squash. Her father again found a training center for her. The requirement of birth certificate create little bit of problem for her, but somehow she started to learn basics of Squash.

However, it was not going to be easy to conceal the gender identity. Her body started to develop and growing breast was quite visible. In no time, everyone at the institute came to know that she is a girl masquerading as a boy. Suddenly, she lost her coach and no one was there to practice with her. She didn’t lose hope and started to practice on her own.

The hard work coupled with sheer determination and dedication ensured Maria to become a champion in her chosen field. The Government of Pakistan recognized her with ‘Salaam Pakistan’ award in 2007 when she was only 17 years old. The award was to let other girls in similar circumstances to not lose hope.

The threat of terrorism doesn’t stop even after she started to bring glory to her country. Finally, she decided to go to Toronto and get training there. She has now settled in Toronto and rarely come to Pakistan. However, she has retained her Pakistani citizenship and represents Pakistan at the International events.

Boyfriend of Maria Toorpakai Wazir

There is no credible information about the relationship status of Maria. We don’t know whether she is in a committed sort of relationship or is still a single. However, seeing her attitude and free mindedness one can safely deduce that she is in a relationship.

Book of Maria Toorpakai

The inspiring story of Maria made many people to suggest her to write a book, a sort of autobiography. She did that and her book named, A Different Kind of Daughter was released. This is a widely acclaimed book and eye opener for policy makers in Pakistan and anyone who wants to work for women’s empowerment in not so conducive regions.

Maria and Ayesha Gulalai

Ayesha Gulalai, the elder sister of Maria, is a member of National Assembly of Pakistan. She was elected from the reserved seat of FATA on PTI ticket. However, she resigned from PTI while making serious allegations against her chief Imran Khan. She alleged that Imran Khan used to send indecent and lewd messages to her. She further said that there is no future for women in PTI and young women politicians are sexually abused.

There are huge numbers of Imran Khan’s supporters on Social Media. People started to abuse Ayesha. Unfortunately, they took on Maria and she became the focal point for trolls. Indecent tweets were started to get flashed about her. This is, indeed, a very sad incident. You can always blame Ayesha for her allegations without any proof, but please don’t abuse Maria who has nothing to do with all these shitty controversies. 


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