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MMS Scandal Video of Ayesha Gulalai and Imran Khan

Ayesha Gulalai is one of the many women who had made physical relationship with Imran Khan, the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. Initially, she had leveled allegations calling that only an inappropriate message was sent to her. However, the matter was more than just a message. She had quipped that if a woman wants to get prominent party positions and election ticket from PTI, she needs to give consent for sex to senior leaders. 

Ayesha, a young a beautiful former MNA from FATA, is a woman who is known for taking bulls by its horns. She never shied away from calling spade a spade. That is why many people have started to believe her allegations. The fact which is making other accuses her for maligning image of Imran Khan without giving any facts.

SEX MMS Scandal Video of Ayesha Gulalai

In this entire drama, some people have started to share MMS video clip purportedly of Ayesha and Imran. It must be noted here that the video clip seems to be morphed. One clip has even been uploaded on You Tube (violating the program policies of You Tube).

Ayesha Gulalai has never said that she was sexually exploited. She just said that Imran Khan used to send indecent messages to her.

Ayesha has also said that she was asked to join male members in a party at Bala Gala. She refused to go there. The party was to celebrate some political victory where those members were supposed to drink liquor and dance. Obviously, she was asked to give them sexual pleasure.

It was also quite pathetic on the part of Imran Khan’s supporters to bring the sister of Ayesha in this controversy. They had particularly shared various images of Maria in short clothes. These idiots didn’t know that Maria being an International Squash player needs to be in that type of outfit while playing. She has made Pakistan proud at the international level, just like Imran Khan did in 1992.


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