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Aleema Khan: Husband and Net Asset

Aleema Khan is the elder sister of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. She is known as a strong woman with indomitable courage. Her textile buying company has never been in loss. The company made handsome profit even during global recession of 2008 when international orders had dried for many firms in this arena. She is credited of creating a big business empire from scratch.

Aleema Khan is also one of the biggest headaches for Imran Khan. She is insanely corrupt, and there is absolutely no doubt about this fact. Her ambition coupled with immorality of her husband has led her to venture into fields which are not legal. She has amassed huge properties in Dubai, New York and London. Needless to say, she might have also gotten properties in other nations also.

Fortunately, for her, her name didn’t appear in the Panama Papers. Before 2018, none of her family members were on the seat of the power giving her little bit of benefits of doubt.

Husband of Aleema Khan

It is said that Aleema Khan has never done anything wrong. It is her husband who is behind these overseas properties.

Aleema is married to Sohail Amir Khan (not, Amir Sohailthe Cricketer). Sohail Amir Khan has strong politicial connection with PMLN. He had used his friendship with Sharif family to get Amnesty for Aleemas overseas property. In fact, Aleema was left without paying any taxes when her Dubai flat came to media attention. She has not paid any fine, which was earlier believed and reported.

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Being the sister of Imran Khan, Aleema may feel safe. However, once the Government changes, she will be on the target. She remains the weakest link in IK’s desire to fight corruption.

NET Asset of Aleema Khan

It is simply not possible to even make a rough estimate of assets owned by Aleema Khan and her immediate family. However, there is also no denying that she has invested heavily in real estate throughout the world. She has flats in Dubai and the USA (New Jersey and Manhattan). She owned properties in London and Paris. Many properties are yet to come to the light and hence how much she owns can't be estimated. 

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