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How Kanishak Kataria Unfairly Used Reservation to Top IAS Exam

Kanishak Kataria is the topper of UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2018. The result was declared on 5th April. He belongs to SC category. This is only the second time, after Tina Dabi, that an SC candidate has secured All India Rank 1 in UPSC CSE. The duo has successfully challenged the notion that merit is a property of a special section of people. They have shown us that merit is nothing but a social construct and that should remain open to all.

Kanishak has always been a brilliant student. He was also the topper of IIT – JEE examination in SC category. Overall, his AIR in IIT – JEE was 44.
However, there are some facts which make this success of an SC candidate little bit disturbing.

Kanishak and the Idea of Reservation

The success of Kanishak is a matter of great rejoices, especially because of his category. However, by the same reason, his success demands urgent attention to the reservation policy. Why?

Kanishak doesn’t deserve to be categorized as SC for UPSC CSE. I am not talking about caste. But, I am talking about this entire idea of ‘affirmative action’ coupled with discrimination. Educationally and Socially backwardness are two main criteria for reservation. Kanishak is neither educationally backward nor is socially backward.

Kanishak has done B. Tech. from IIT – Bombay. His branch was Computer Science and Engineering. IIT Bombay houses the best Computer Science branch in India. IIT Bombay ranks the best Indian university in various international rankings. It is the most prestigious engineering institute of India. After completing B. Tech, he worked with Samsung in South Korea and then came back in India to work with an USA based start up as a data scientist. 

And, this guy who has passed out from IIT – Bombay and has such a brilliant career record needs reservation to get a job. YES, he used reservation to get a Government job.

But, he is a topper. No?

That’s true. The smart guy Kanishak has scored brilliantly in Mains Examination (Written). The score card is yet to be released. However, his score in Preliminary Examination was well below the cut off for General Category.

The smart guy Kanishak kept on preparing for Civil Services Mains from the very start. Even during preliminary examination when other candidates were devoting time for mugging up facts and getting concepts cleared on contemporary socio – economic issues, the smart guy was still preparing for Mains.

Kanishak knew that given his SC category, it is going to be easier for him to crack Preliminary Examination.

What if Kanishak had not used reservation?

Then another SC guy (may be more deserving – socially and educationally) could have cracked UPSC CSE.

Had Kanishaka prepared well for Prelims, he would have easily cracked UPSC CSE with flying colors.

What about Economic and Social Status?

Apart from being an IITian, Kanishak is also the son of an IAS officer (Rajasthan cadre). His mother is also an IAS officer. He has always studied from the top notch schools of Rajasthan. He did IIT Coaching from Resonance Classes. And, went to Vajiram and Ravi for UPSC CSE preparation.

It is tough to believe that he had any sort of discrimination at any point of time. After all, he belongs to the privilege class.

Kanishak’s father, Mr. S M. Verma, had already used Reservation to become an IAS. His mother had also used reservation to become a civil servant. His sister used reservation to crack PreMedical Test. She is currently doing MS in ENT from SMS Medical College. Many members of his maternal and paternal side are IAS and RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Service) officers. For God Sake, the family should have thought to give opportunity to another Dalit.

Kanishak should have avoided reservation. He has not done anything illegal or wrong. But, what he did is morally wrong.

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  1. You Cant decide what is moral and not moral..your comments are just polluting the mindset of Indians .you go anywhere in India everywhere it's casteism .even a peon will tell you he's a brahmin.and is every general candidate being selected is poor .reservation is not a garibi hatao andolan it has got to do with caste based dirty mindsets due to which people were divided along caste stop writing your stupid comments .

    1. Good one ..☺️☺️👍👍👍👍

    2. Good..little fat mind

    3. Really ? Every general caste is Not Rich either . So what about the huge set of general caste whose parents are NOT IAS officers and can't even dream to get kids get an IIT admission. Money and sarkari Bunglows Cannot increase the status and Mindset . The momnet a bramhin peon finds out that he has topped by taking Quota He might one day say that he is peon on his own hardwork not by certificate . Donu think a Bramhin Girls parents will accept him as Son in law ? U can have Naukar chakar bunglow Driver maali BUT never the Respect . In state of west bengal the boy who topped engg last year was SC amd neither he nor his father had any caste certificate amd he was Blushing with Pride to say this in TV channel . Tnis will change the mindset and hatred towards Dalit . Boss agar paisa se izzat miltaa toh dawood ibrahim ko SIR bolke log pukarte. The fact that in Reserved category kataria was 44 BUT none knows what was his Rank in combined list . BIT at end of the day he was a An BOMBAY IIT CSE . lekin dekho baat chupi ? Log kp maalum chal gayaa right ? .

  2. Tumhare shbdo me wahiyat jalan ki buu aa rhi hai apni kabiyat bdhao dusro pr ungli uthane ki bjae . Jaatiwaad tumko uss din pta chlta jis din tum khud anusuchit jaati se smbndh rkhte aur phle jb SC se maila uthwaya ja rha tha hzaro saal se tbb nhi dikhta tha kya k ek SC ka bccha ki kyo ye sbb kaam kr rha hai jb Raja ki vanshje aur brahamn shtriyo ka sashan chlta tha ab uski do pidhi sudhar gyi to tumko problem hone lgi. Khud me sudhar lao ab bhi chuachut kyo krte ho jb hmari condition itni bdl chuki hai to

    1. Well said bro

    2. Paisa bangla naukri se aagar jaatiwaad jaata toh log Dawood Ibrahim ko sir bolke pukarte . Backward caste se Kam number leke Computer engg banne se koi Bramhin ke saaman nahi baantaa Ulta agar woh yeh nahi.leke Simple Govt college se Engg bantaa Toh usko Jyadaa maan miltaa . My name is Amit Sarkar from SX Caste lekin majne kabhi SC certificate nahi banaaya naahi.mere baap ne lekin we Both are CA and I am from IIM . Aaj mujhe aapne Girl friend se yeh izxat jo miltaa hay yeh usi kaa natijaa hay ki main simple NIT se hoon Comouter science bhi nahi milaa Lekin khid ke dam oe kiya jo kiyaa

  3. Why are you so jealous. His hard work still shows. Even for an Sc its not that easy to get good marks. And he has been selected for a reason. What India needs is somebody who can work for the people, and administer in such a way that the country flourishes in every area. Im from general cateogary and what I believe in is true and consistent hard and smart work. This guy did study and it shows in his result. And is the 2nd topper also SC sir? No na. Its about hard work rather than reservation. Even if they use reservation they worked hard to get selected. So many people use their reservation card to clear prelims every year, do all of them get selected ? So dont bullshit your mind with narrow minded thoughts like these.

    1. Hello Priyaji , First of all my category is General .You used the word "jealous" right,I think that is not correct because Dr B.R.Ambedkar sir had introduced reservation system to over come the social exclusion and backwardness of sc and sts. But in now days if you observe carefully "reservation itself excluding the poor and weaker sections of sc and sts". You should think with heart that How can a guy from rural and poor background would be able to compete with someone from MNC company? in terms of Family and Financial background. Of course hard work is the key to crack the civil service but you should remember the thing that hard work from poor guy is frequently disturbed by many factors like poverty, Family pressure, educational background( not iits)etc, where it is not the case with Rich and Settled family guy.

      At last What i would convey is that it is not "Jealous". It is the Poor SC men pain that "how long i should study hard by keeping the poverty in my pocket".

    2. Anonymous3:27 AM

      In India dalit is always dalit even he will become president. We want to stop this caste system in India we will left the reservation if you general people consider our as general people.but you not

    3. Hello Dr,B.R.Ambedhkar sir had fixed the expiry date of SC and STS reservation as 1960 in the constitution itself because he wanted a united, collaborative and competitive India instead of caste polarized India. However due to the need of vote bank Our politicians are extending the reservation system.

      SO i do'nt ur name You should remember that it is not the general category people who are viewing people as SC and STS, It is only by the politicians point of view.

  4. No stupid human like you will never exist again on this Earth . How can you complain about someone's achievement when the whole India had scrutinized his elegibility to appear the exam.
    No matter what you say....He will still be An IAS officer
    You loser!!

    1. Yes an IAS officer whom a peon will also not respect . At the end of the Day Dawood Ibrahim is the mosr wanted and powerful mafia Don . But even a pein says behind him " WOH TOH GUNDA HAY " and the day he is caught a peon might say that on his face .

    2. Yeah but by robbing someone who deserved more than him!

  5. Why people are opposing the writer I don't get! He is right to defend his views that the Kataria family is using their caste and getting privileged! How this can be justifiable ! The basic idea of caste reservation was to open space for backward people in the system. But he is not backward !!! Come on! He has spent lakhs of rupees for his IIT preparation and UPSC preparation. What about the guy who had not the money to afford those coachings, he indirectly took his(the other SC guy with less privilege) seat!
    This is no way the right thing, same goes for Tina Dabi two years ago. People shouldn't use caste generations after generations, the basic cause of the reservation is getting dilute by these practices because son of IAS officer becoming IAS officers and son of Factory worker has to be satisfied with a lesser coveted Govt Jobs (Just assumptions).

  6. Bullsh**t u casteist. seems to be blind worshipper You BMW?

  7. Anonymous11:57 AM

    You said his parents are IAS officers, so he is not socially backward. You are not true as 100% of the Indians consider him as Dalit. 99% general category people won't allow him to enter their houses. No general category people will allow him to marry their daughter. If his parents are used reservation to become IAS officers he won't be a general category, right? Until the people mindset changed, Until the caste system abolished the reservation should be there.

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Brahmin women will line up to marry him. The figure 99%, where did you get that from? Please don't peddle imaginary stats

    2. Moron what it has to do with getting admission in an educational institution or getting a government job? it is just an excuse for losers like you to use quota.

    3. So becoming an IAS through less marks and backdoor is the resolution ? A Peon from general caste will not respect him outside office . What is Job when the whole world knows that with kess marks u got it ? Job only remains in visiting card and Car Naukar and Chaakar . Tyere has been many cases of caste based Attrocities inspite of reservation and the reason is Hatred as all know how this people are getting admission in IIT BOMBAY CSE and UPSC . If this resrvation couldn't change the mindset of people in 70 years how can it change the mindset when people see getting in convent school the guy still enters through backdoor ? Betaa agar paisa se Izzat aa jaata toh log Dawood Ibrahim ko BHAI nehi SIR karke bolte

  8. Anonymous7:07 AM

    They have an advantage at the first and the most critical step. Reservation system needs a complete overhaul.


    Hi every one !!saw all the comments and made my mind to share my views.

    Sheduled caste= Socially and educationally backwardness

    1.Educationally? is this community is educated equal compare to all other castes NO!
    2.Socially ? Is this community socially equal to other castes NO!

    Socially is not related to single person in the society its pointing towards all sheduled caste community as a whole in the country

    Development of this sc is not by single individual it must be developed as community means:
    If a person belongs to sc and working as an ias officer its his inividual devlopment not a community development this person should serve for the upliftment of the community
    And on this basis there is a chance to uplift sc communities

    The idea of category support is to make development in community wise and not by individual

    For economically backwardness people.they can claim as economic weaker section in the government which is made by
    Narendra modi government is most welcomed which is necessary to avoid inequalness

    Kanish Kataria claimed and utilized benefits from the government which has given for sc category which is legal
    in government of india.

    Upsc IAS is a hard exam and unpredictable and i guess clearing is the best intention and dont want to take any chance.

    When sheduled caste people in india is developed socially educationally and econmically and treated as equally with all other castes then you can cancel reservation out.

  10. It is highly understood how roasted these R(UND)ESERVED guys would be feeling after reading your logical post. But friend never forget these Dalits their forfathers and their great grandchildren shall remain unprivileged and Dalit too. Some guy above said about 99per Brahmins would not not be allowing these Dalits into their houses. Hez correct,because he himself drove that figure.
    Well I appraise that being from a low caste might be challenging task for his parents. but with both parents IAS and access to all resources how come he was unprivileged. Im sure he had done well in Mains, but what about the Stage1. You fairly took a chance from a deserving guy.

  11. Anonymous12:31 PM

    It is true, these people get advantage. Actually, there are many who could qualify this exam. It's that they could not make upto the mains via prelims , where there SC ,ST gets advantage .
    Overall upsc pattern could not be changed . Rather some changes be made in prelims only.
    Because same case was with Tina dabi also . They qualified prelims not by their capabilities but by our reservation pattern.
    What I am sure is , their children's won't be getting such reservations , if not somebody then I'll arrange for such laws .
    An ias aspirant and a true Indian .

  12. I am from SC category. SO be prepared for my biased (which you will think by default) answer. I agree there should a change in reservation policy so that at least children of group A officers shouldn't be allowed to take reservation so that other guys also get a chance. But that doesn't mean you start criticising the affirmative action of reservation (though I accept it needs some changes).
    The general person always try to shows that he is above and Sc/St guy irrespective of his own education standards.
    The General people always say "Why do u take reservation, dum hai to general mein compete kar ke dikhao". To all such guys let me tell you upliftment of a particular community takes atleast 1-2 generations, it doesn't happen overnight.
    The fact that even SC guys are topping the examination proves the point that everyone is capable but first you need to give them the opportunity and an affirmative environment, not criticising, maltreating, subjugating them always through socio-economic and psychological means which the upper caste has been doing diligently doing since the past 2000 years . You are responsible for crushing the morale of the backward section before 1947 because of ones low caste and after 1947 because they used reservation.
    Coming to the point of rich taking the advantage in category. TO all the generals out there, you have now 10% EWS reservation. Let's see how many rich general guys get Income certificate through fraudulent means. Everyone takes advantage of whatever opportunity one is given which is clearly manifested in the form of Nepotism, Hereditary meritocracy in this society.
    Reservation specifically for the Dalits are for the upper caste to atone for the wrongs that they have been doing for the last 2000 years. Where was your concept of meritocracy when the upper caste were on 100% reservation ?? Was it justifiable when there was no way for backward guy to rise up just because he was born in a particular family irrespective of the amount of talent he possessed ?
    Why do you still practise intra caste marriage?
    I would go on to say that incidents like Jewish holocaust ( mass genocide between 1941-1945) were still better than what caste system did to the downtrodden as the former happened only for a few years and before the mass genocide they were well-off. It was like road block for them. But the compounding of the vicious damaging effects of the caste system has stripped most of the downtrodden socially, economically, psychologically, emotionally and various other levels which many of the APATHETIC people will never bother to understand.
    The Savarnas keep on saying remove reservation on caste basis, casteism will automatically go. Dude, reservation may go but casteist mindset of most of the Savarnas will not change. It just that deep down you are jealous of not getting a good deal which your previous generations enjoyed for soooo long and now you want to masquerade yourself as a moral guy to hide your jealousy.


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